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last Update: August 13, 2021

Message from Integrity Toys

While we wish we had more news about products to share, unfortunately, the supply chains around the globe are making it difficult for everyone to get products to customers. From raw materials and components to production and even shipping, every part of the supply chain is in disarray from the “turning off and then turning on again” of large parts of the economy.

This is impacting Integrity Toys, as well as companies and industries as varied as car manufacturers to Starbucks to the makers of Pokemon cards.

Also, while many countries are starting to relax the measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more reports are starting to emerge that new variants of the virus are starting to affect key cities in China, including many where our factories and suppliers are located.

Sadly, we have to report that due to the above, a lot of Integrity Toys' production will experience further delays in the coming weeks and months.

Please rest assured that the Integrity team is working hard to continue unveiling new dolls and to deliver all previously unveiled dolls in as timely a manner as possible considering the current situation overseas. However, a little more patience will be necessary as the pandemic is not yet done affecting everyone on the planet.

Thank you for your understanding.

With the above in mind, here are the updated ETA of some of the dolls.

Wild Feeling Rayna Ahmadi


Invoicing now, check your emails

Ginger and Cinnamon: Holiday at Home GS


Invoicing now, check your emails

A Fashionable Legacy Violaine Perrin GS


Invoicing now, check your emails

Sugar & Spice Poppy Parker GS


Invoicing now, check your emails

Fit To Print Nadja Rhymes

Date to be confirmed

Bijou Elyse Jolie

Date to be confirmed

Pink Lemondae Poppy Parker

Date to be confirmed

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